Support those affected by the SoCal Wildfires.

The Thomas Fire is now the largest wildfire in modern California history.

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+AddOneMore is a way for local businesses and citizens to raise money and collect supplies. You just add the cost of one more item when checking out at participating SoCal businesses, and the business donates that amount to shelters and organizations supporting those affected. 


Participating local businesses:



If you’re a local business
that wants to participate: 

1. Determine the best distribution approach, e.g.:

  • A local shelter needs what you can provide, a customer can “buy one more” and you can transport your products to the shelter. 
    “Would you like to add the cost of one more meal for $4 for someone displaced by the fires? We’ll take it to a local shelter.”

  • If your product isn’t immediately useful, your customer can add a donation to their bill and then distribute the collected money to one of the organizations listed here
    “Would you like to add one more dollar to your bill to support someone displaced by the fires? We’ll donate it to United Way of Greater LA.”

  • You can operate a simple pay-it-forward approach, so people that need a meal can collect it at your store (this could be as simple as using post-it notes)
    “Would you like to add the cost of one more meal for $4 for someone displaced by the fires? We’ll add a post-it to our board.”

2. Complete this form and put up the poster in your place of business and we'll feature you on the website as a participating partner.

3. Set a fundraising goal, e.g. 100 meals, or $500.

4. Download and share social posts to promote the project. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #AddOneMore #SoCalFires

5. Invite your customers and supporters to Add One More!

6. Spread the word to other small businesses to join!


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A Shared Mission
by enso and friends, for SoCal